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    Setting up omnichannel local communication campaigns is easy for your local managers

  2. 2

    Point of sale’s managers personalize their communication media in just a few clicks and without special skills

  3. 3

    Make significant savings on marketing purchases by pooling all point-of-sale orders from a single platform



Bring together all your suppliers and all your marketing materials on a single online store accessible by all your points of sale.

  • Print, POS, digital, merchandising, PQR, display ... Your points of sale carry out their marketing purchases in a few clicks and pay by credit card, transfer or invoicing flow.

  • Our marketplace references dozens of suppliers and marketing providers, it is also compatible with your own ecosystem of partners.

  • You have a complete dashboard to track orders and analyze the performance of your marketplace.



Offer to your points of sale a simple and effective solution to personalize all their local communication media.

  • Your points of sale personalize their communication media (print and digital) without the assistance of the brand.

  • Be sure that the rendering is qualitative, professional and respects your brand image as well as your guidelines.

  • Communication media can be downloaded for local printing, to be distributed on social networks in 1 click ...