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    The brand image is always under control - regardless of the communication channel activated by the point of sale.

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    The business plan is well communicated locally.

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    Collaboration with the points of sale is easy and efficient.


Commercial Action Plan (PAC)

Easily share with your network the planning of national and local campaigns:

  • At a glance, your points of sale managers can see your PAC, subscribe and compose their campaigns with just a few clicks.

  • The planning is fully configurable, (colors, visuals of the campaigns…) and so is the type of points of sale.

  • In 1 click, the point of sale manager can access the campaign file and all of his marketing assets (media, social media publications, etc.).


Media Gallery

Always master your brand image locally: simplify the exchange of media with your points of sale…

  • Share all types of media: photos, videos, ppt, pdf, psd, audio files ...

  • Easily organize all your media, by campaign, types of points of sale, tags, validity dates.…

  • The outlets can easily view, download or directly publish the media to social networks.

  • Track point of ale usage performance for each medium.


Knowledge base

Your points of sale managers are always informed of the latest news and trained in the best practices of local marketing

  • All network news, best practices and tutorials are accessible to your local managers in a single interface presented as a blog (simple & practical).

  • Easily provide contributor access to highlight the actions of your local managers.

  • Include all types of media in your articles (video, PDF, ppt, etc.)

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