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    Points of sale’s data is always up to date thanks to a unique data repository.

  2. 2

    Simple and powerful local SEO management for points of sale.

  3. 3

    A real impact on the business of your points of sale (traffic, phone calls and order taking)


Presence Management

Manage and update your points of sale’s information on more than 30 audience hubs, social networks, mobile apps and GPS:

  • Each point of sale’s information is always perfectly synchronized and automatically updated (photos, URL, phone number, attributes, etc.)

  • Your points of sale observe and measure direct impact on their business (click-to-Drive, click-to-Call, click-to-Web)


Website Factory

Offer your points of sale a professional website, without the constraint of maintenance, and with easy updating:

  • You generate in one click an identical website template for all your points of sale.

  • You determine the rights to the content and information potentially editable by the point of sale.

  • Your points of sale’s websites are designed and optimized to be ranked among the first results of local searches on Google.