1. 1

    Points of sale deploy ultra-targeted local digital campaigns in a few clicks

  2. 2

    Distribute all your local digital campaigns from a single platform. (Adwords, Facebook Ads, Display, Waze ... )

  3. 3

    Points of sale consult the performance of their campaigns in a simple and intuitive dashboard.


Paid Media Packs

From the marketplace, points of sale can order digital and local communication packs in one click that meet their objectives (traffic, promotion, calls, etc.)

  • We build simple and efficient digital and local communication packs alongside you.

  • We can produce and manage your digital campaigns, or you can connect your own media network (or agency) to our platform.



You have a complete interface to monitor the performance of your points of sale’s paid media campaigns.

  • Your points of sale visualize easily the main KPIs visible in the dashboard

  • The brand visualizes much larger and consolidated KPIs across its network of points of sale.

  • Export all campaign statistics in XLS format or via API.

  • Track point-of-sale usage performance for each medium.