More than 75 retail chains and 15,000 points of sale trust our platform !

What’s Hyperspread ?

Hyperspread is a SaaS local marketing platform designed to boost the business of retail chains and their points of sale.

HYPER open

The platform was designed “API first” in order to integrate perfectly into the retail ecosystem, like a hub.

HYPER modular

Retail chains and their points of sale only activate the features and channels they need according to their maturity and their objectives.

HYPER simple

On a single platform, the points of sale launch their local omnichannel communication campaigns from a single platform (print, digital, social)  without having to go into technical matters.

HYPER effective

The collaboration between the retail chain and its points of sale becomes fluid thanks to a centralized space. Communication campaigns are personalized and deployed in a few clicks.

Everything you need to effectively manage is already on Hyperspread.

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