Brief is a brand new feature on our 360 local marketing platform. The objective is to move towards better local marketing for retail networks with customised briefs for points of sale.

The idea behind Brief: truly personalised marketing for local points of sale

Brief is Hyperspread’s latest feature.

It’s a simple idea that gives points of sale access to a new tab where they can submit creative requests – such as a particular format or concept – specific to their local marketing.

Our platform is the link between the brand’s service provider and its individual outlets, so that media are created to be consistent with the brand’s identity and the local marketing strategy.

An individual point of sale is able to contact the service provider through the platform. The head office has an overview of all briefs and their progress.

Case study: how does Brief work?

I’m head of a local branch in Menton. I would like to launch a marketing campaign for the local Fête du Citron (Lemon Festival) to promote my business.

I go to the Brief tab on Hyperspread. I create my request by specifying a name, a description, a desired format, deadlines…. 

The service provider receives the brief. The two parties can exchange information from the platform: quotes, details, feedback…

The brand can follow the progress of the marketing and access the message history. The marketing process is simple and secure.

How can Brief help your point of sale network?

The 2021 report from Forrester Consulting indicated that 77% of consumers choose brands that personalise and segment.

This is for a simple reason: marketing is more relevant when it addresses a specific target and delivers a relevant message.

When it comes to local marketing, each catchment area has its own particularities. Perhaps only a slight adjustment will be needed, to the amount of discount on offer, for example. On the other hand, more specific personalisation might be in order, just as a customised design, a visual adjustment or targeted marketing for a one-off event…

Brief is a practical solution that enables you to get what you need because it makes simplifies the process locally, nationally and for the service provider.

How can you get Brief?

If you are an existing Hyperspread customer you can ask your usual contact for more information.

If you are not a Hyperspread customer, you can schedule a demo right here!

Conclusion: what are the benefits of Brief?

  • It empowers points of sale to manage their local marketing themselves.
  • It enables outlets to develop creative local marketing that is truly personalised to each catchment area.
  • Head office can optimise its time by not having to deal with local, specific requests from the network.
  • It secures communication between branches and the service provider (access to historical data, payments made via the platform, etc.)
  • It offers a 360° view of all the briefs issued by outlets and the progress of each one.