Including products in the kits, like a “point of sale opening”, can really help the network to grow
while also ensuring the visibility of local businesses. Focus on this functionality.

What is a local business marketing kit ?

A marketing kit is a collection of marketing products and assets that local managers can request in one click via a local marketing platform. 

The kit is put together by the company and includes the most useful resources for the desired purpose.

An opening kit, for example, aims to help maximise visibility during the point of sale opening as well as making the life of the local manager easier.

Why should you provide business marketing kits to your network ?

Local managers don’t have to think about what they have to take.

An opening is a significant investment, so it’s a strategic move to replace marketing analysis to which the network head brings more added value.

By preparing ready-made and customisable solutions, the company helps the point of sale with its purchasing choices.

The local manager gains time and efficiency and the branch benefits from a high level of visibility before it even opens.

What materials are usually included in a business marketing kit ?

A multi-channel approach is important.

  • Offline: local press, posters, flyers, discount cards, events, etc. This kit can include efforts to reinforce the local presence before the big day. Anything is possible depending on the targets identified and the characteristics of the catchment areas
  • Online: social networks, Google Business Profile page, ADS campaigns, etc. An online presence complements offline marketing and offers an acquisition path that is upstream (the potential customer sees a flyer, subscribes to the page, etc.). As the first few days are decisive, promotional campaigns (Google Ads, Facebook, Display or Waze) are very useful for boosting traffic.

It is worth making a big deal of the point of sale opening, which means doing it 15 or 30 days
before the big day to stimulate a buzz.

Maxime, Marketing Manager

How are the business marketing kits provided ?

Marketing kits can be easily provided to the network through a local marketing platform with marketplace functionality.

The company can use the backoffice to build the kits (products, prices, descriptions, etc.) and sell them on the platform. 

The franchisees then have the choice to consult the available packs, customise what they need and
order directly from the shop.

It is reassuring for the local manager to feel that they are being guided in areas they are not always very familiar with.

Operational support can be useful as well as the kit, such as someone to help oversee the opening for the first month to help ensure the launch is well coordinated and smooth.

Maxime, Marketing Manager

What is the difference between business marketing kits and network marketing campaigns?

Marketing kits are intended for the point of sale, be that its opening, an event, a cobranding project or branch revival or relaunch where marketing campaigns help to promote the network’s products, such as a new release or a sale.

The importance of helping points of sale succeed

Marketing kits are mostly useful for giving a boost to ambitious networks.

Planning the launch of several franchises in one year is challenging and requires good network management.

With the help of the dedicated marketplace, local businesses can find all the resources they need to succeed in this first stage of setting up.

This system makes the network’s processes more fluid, allows for the mass production of media, achieves economies of scale and contributes to better development of the brand.