The Mobalpa client case emphasizes the relevance of properly structuring the network’s Facebook business pages upstream. Indeed, the project of a social media strategy is built step by step to promote the adoption of the network.


Mobalpa is the core brand of the Fournier Group.Specialising in home furnishings, Mobalpa – a contraction of Mobilier des Alpes, meaning Alpine Furnishings – was founded in 1948 and will soon celebrate its 75th birthday. With 240 shops in France, 91% of people are familiar with the brand, so it’s very well known, and it's renowned for its quality of service.

In late 2021, the collaboration with Hyperspread also included stepping up and harmonising its local presence on social networks. The number one objective was for each shop to have a Facebook page linked to the platform.


Hyperspread has carried out a digital inventory and clean-up of the brand’s pages to remove any repeated or duplicate pages and decide on what others needed creating… 

Working closely with the head office, our teams mapped out all the local points of sale so that they could start creating pages and recover or delete specific ones.

Insight into the collaboration with Celine from Mobalpa

There is one thing we really value, which is that we are franchisors who see ourselves as providing guidance rather than instruction. We advise our shops, point them in the right direction, and offer them the best choices for their development. We like to convince them and take them with us for the right reasons, not to force them. It’s a mutual relationship and sharing is very important to us.

Céline Very, Press Relations and Social Media Project Manager

Can you introduce yourself and your role in the company?

My name is Céline Very, I am a project manager for press relations and social media, which means that I handle press matters and everything related to social media within the marketing department.

How did you hear about the Hyperspread platform?

Perene, the Fournier Group’s premium brand, was already working with Hyperspread. It made sense to go with a solution that had already proven itself within the group.

What did you want to achieve with this service?

Our goal was to have a Facebook page for every branch in the network. Facebook gives us the ability to really reach our customers. Our Facebook page has almost 200,000 followers.

How did it go?

We discovered that some branches didn’t have pages, some had neglected their pages, and others weren’t following the brand guidelines, so a very varied picture. We adapted our message for each scenario. Support was key. Out of 240 shops, 220 of them have switched to Hyperspread. 

Why is local marketing an issue for brands like Mobalpa?

Today, we are beginning to understand the power of local presence. The best form of marketing is still word of mouth. The more we are involved locally, the closer we are to the customer.

With Hyperspread, do you feel more secure about the consistency of the brand image of your points of sale?

It’s not a guarantee, but it’s a huge step forward. I post on the shops Facebook pages, and the points of sale see what I post and how I post it and they try to imitate it.

How have the Hyperspread teams helped you with this?

The CSM team are my guardian angels. The great part was the inventory; they created all the pages that didn’t exist, which is a lot of work.

Insight into the collaboration with Victoria from Hyperspread

We had the same goal: to create a clean structure that included all branches and with all pages managed. The collaboration was so effective because of the client’s efforts and willingness to cooperate.

Victoria Saadoun, C.S.M

The client had a list of shops and told us. «There are 20 pages, and I don’t even know what’s going on with the other shops. I need to know if other pages exist and if they do, is there any way to get them back or delete them?».

In any case, the aim was to standardise them and have one page per shop. We started with a digital inventory, so analysing the local pages on Facebook and making a list of them. 

There are many possible outcomes when searching for these pages. The first, the easiest, is that the page does not exist, so we create it within the local structure so that it’s linked to the national page. The second is when a page exists and we decide with the client whether to keep it. We can ask Facebook to give us the rights to existing pages that aren’t managed by us.

96 pages came up in our search, not counting the duplicate pages we cleaned up. Finally, there were 137 non-existent pages that we then created. As soon as we came across a duplicate page or needed to contact the shops, we knew we could count on the client’s prompt response.

It was a very clear and methodical way to work. The network is incorporated step by step to encourage all the branches to adopt the platform, and this is what I think makes the project a success.


I find it easy to use, and there’s a certain magic involved, whereby I can do the same thing as before but to all the pages all at once.

Céline VERY, Press Relations and Social Media Project Manager

Mobalpa has structured all of its local pages to harmonise the brand’s digital identity. The head office is now able to post on all the company pages. The primary benefit of the partnership is the effective support it provides without causing abrupt changes. This stimulates initiative and improves the appeal of the points of sale in their local catchment area.

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