ECF is a client of our Social Media module. This client story helps answer questions like local social media adoption and how to improve your social media strategy.


ECF is a leading provider of driving lessons and road safety training, with 450 driving schools and professional training centres across the country. ECF is a national organisation but it operates across a network of partner businesses run by independent business managers whose business needs and customer bases vary according to size, geographical location, etc.

In 2020, ECF wanted to improve its social network marketing strategy and increase the brand’s overall SEO, so they approached Hyperspread for help with centralising and managing their various social networks.


Hyperspread created a location structure for ECF and then provided a centralised area where the group could manage all its social networks.

This enables HQ to manage the company pages on behalf of those who aren’t very familiar with social networking. For those preferring to maintain control, ready-to-post templates were provided that can be deployed in a few clicks.

Client Insight with Romain from ECF

Hyperspread enables us to share content across our network. We simply compile our posts and our members can repost them in a few clicks. They can also schedule all their content in a few minutes. The main objective is to provide them with a turnkey tool to make their life easier in an area they haven’t yet fully grasped.

Romain Galoche, Social Media Manager ECF

Can you introduce yourself and your role in the company?

I’m the social media marketing manager. My role is to manage the national social networks whilst also helping local members to develop their local marketing strategy by providing them with visuals and ready-made posts.

How does the ECF chain work?

Some branches have their own marketing officer to manage their pages. They are free to make posts and often take inspiration from what we do or reuse existing content. For those who don’t have the time or the skills to manage their marketing, I step in.

What did you want to achieve with this service?

We had two objectives. The first was to develop HQ’s social media strategy nationwide .The second was to improve our overall SEO, including locally. We created a location structure to give more visibility to certain branches that needed assistance. This couldn’t have been done without a tool like Hyperspread. We have achieved our national objective. We’ve had an active and recurrent strategy in place for two years. As for our local objective, we’re working on it as we speak. All the branches now have a Facebook page. At the minute, some of them are not using it, or at least not properly.

So how do you get more people on board?

We are aiming for a rate of over 90%. We can achieve this by showing that the platform is simple and effective, by providing training and support, and we also have advanced users demonstrating how well the tool works in terms of visibility, more customers, etc., which encourages others to want to try it.

Have there been any feedback from members about the platform?

Those who use it are very happy. The ready-made posts are the most popular part. They can take a post that features our corporate identity and customise it with their own schedules and name, with dynamic tags… They have content at their disposal so it’s perfect for them.

Insight into the collaboration with Kheira from Hyperspread

The client has taken to the platform very well. They have taken ownership of the platform and are using it to its full potential and this is reflected in the highly customised ECF area. It’s a clear strategy that is really contributing to the company’s success.

Kheira Belal, Customer Success Manager

ECF is a long-standing client with 450 locations and 140 users, some of which manage multiple locations. We helped the brand build an ideal space to boost its social media presence.

Not counting the set-up and construction of the location structure, there are two main phases. First, introducing the client to the platform and providing training on it so that they are completely at ease when it comes to optimising its potential through custom sessions, after which we remain available to answer any further queries.

Then there is support and growth. This involves sounding out the client’s hopes and expectations and seeing if these are already covered by our roadmap, or exploring if it might beneficialde l’intégrer. 

Benefits of improving your social media strategy

ECF’s platform suits its freelance operation. Multi-posting is a definite time saver for the head office with just one «automated» post reaching 130 pages. Ready-made posts enable members to be part of the local business strategy with prepared and easy-to-use resources. Local users can plan their calendar for the entire month with ease and in just a few minutes.

Whenever I have a question or query, I can turn straight to CSM, and they are very quick to respond. They always get back to you, which is great.

Romain GALOCHE, Social Media Marketing Manager

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