The Acuitis case study is a good example of how to optimize the digital marketing for retail stores, in line with the brand strategy and its objectives.

Context: Acuitis & the digital marketing for retail stores

Acuitis is an optical and hearing specialist that offers unique frame designs thanks to the work of Frédéric Beausoleil, an eyewear artist who is collaborating with the brand to create tailor-made products. Acuitis’s success has seen its network grow, with more and more franchisees, to the point where it urgently needed to simplify its local marketing processes.

In July 2020, Acuitis turned to Hyperspread to provide a platform to centralise marketing for its 100 points of sale across several countries. The aim was to empower the branch owners to manage their local marketing by providing them with ready-to-use, customisable visuals.


Hyperspread designed a dedicated, easy-to-use platform for Acuitis with a strong focus on one key feature: The Media Gallery.

The idea was that Acuitis could submit charters and marketing campaigns to the stores. We then developed the solution to offer more customisation without making the process more complex.

The collaboration with Clélia from Hyperspread

The collaboration with Clélia from Hyperspread. It has been, and continues to be, a joint venture. Acuitis is a great client with whom I have always enjoyed working. The people I deal with are understanding, friendly and enthusiastic… It’s been a great collaboration from the start.

Clélia Lemaire, Product Manager Hyperspread

Once the project was initiated, workshops were organised to build the ideal space for the brand. This is when the tree diagram and the classification of products/visuals were devised, other campaigns were showcased and access for each branch was determined.

This collaborative work revealed that Acuitis needs were related to the use of the media gallery (visuals of custom-made frames, humanised photos of local managers, publications for social networks, etc.) 

So the Hyperspread team worked on customising the marketing assets so they were consistent with the Acuitis. At the same time, our teams organised a training session on the Hyperspread platform to make the  Acuitis marketing team as independent and operational as possible.

After the official launch and thanks to the daily input from the branch managers, Acuitis was able to offer new ideas to enrich the platform, especially concerning the addition of new functionalities. A collaborative construction of ideas. This is the secret to the success of the Hyperspread solution.

In addition to the basic customisation such as shop addresses and contact details, Hyperspread has developed a brand-specific module that includes the photo of the branch manager or their staff on their business cards, for example.


With Hyperspread, Acuitis has a unique and common space for its 100 stores. For the company, this is a major time saver as the stores are operated independently and use only the same approved visuals. For the Acuitis local teams, the processes are fluid, allowing them more freedom and initiative. If they have any questions or specific requests, our support team is always on hand to assist and guide them.

The Hyperspread teams are always there for us. Our needs change and our requests are specific… and we always get a sympathetic ear. It’s great!

Annick DENIS-BERTIN, Marketing Manager at Acuitis

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